Enhance your products with nanoemulsion technology.

EmbarkNano’s nanoemulsion technologies have been observed to increase in the efficiency and speed at which your body absorbs vitamins, nutraceuticals and oil extracts, all while providing a consistently best-in-class experience.

Our team and products specialize in streamlining the integration of our nanoemulsion-based technologies into your products. Email us for EmbarkNano updates and download a copy of our Nanoemulsion Primer.

(“micro goo”) is a revolutionary precursor technology that allows you to make the industry’s best nanoemulsion in your own facility. Do away with your time-consuming, costly R&D and overhead, allowing you to instead focus on other key aspects of your business.

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(“micro shot”) is an internationally recognized nanoemulsion solution that can be easily integrated into beverages, tinctures and topicals of any kind, giving your product improved stability, rapid onset and better absorption. This product is available in unflavoured, lemon lime, cola, ginger, ginger ale and lemonade flavours.

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Flavored Nanoemulsions

(“micro cream”) is a precursor technology that allows you to make a premium topical cream infused with our best-in-class nanoemulsion. Feel the effects of your active ingredient in under 2 minutes!

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(“micro mix”) is a nanopowder that can be ingested directly or used to infuse edibles – perfectly taste-masking your product while delivering the dose of active ingredient. It’s a perfect addition to your suite of nano products that are built using µGOO.

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Water-Soluble Powder Demo Water-Soluble Powder Demo

Plug-and-Play Inputs

µMIX and µSHOT can be used as a turnkey nano inputs for beverages and food products. We’ve designed our technology for: gel capsules; mints; lotions; beverages; powders and pet products.

Check out our articles and videos to learn more about the nanoemulsion technology category, applications and EmarkNano’s approach.

Turnkey Nanoemulsion-Based Technologies

Bringing the Solution to your Doorstep

Our nanoemulsion-based technologies can be incorporated into almost any consumer product with confidence. To our customers, we are a one-stop shop for all things nano and bring years worth of R&D to their doorstep. Spend less time on R&D, spend more time selling.  

“Great formulation! Extremely stable. Though a bit skeptical of the GOO efficacy at first, considering the experience had with other nanoemulsions I’ve worked with, this project was done and tested over a 30-day period. The GOO arrived perfectly packaged in a secure and sealed package. The final result was a clear nanoemulsion that is tan in color. It was tested in 16 oz bottled water with a 20 mg per mL dose and it was fully transparent. Great experience so far!”

Anonymous – CEO, Florida-Based Beverage Manufacturer and Processor

“I love your product.”

Anonymous – Plant Manager, California-Based White Label Bottled Water Manufacturer 

“Bravo, EmbarkNano Team – the Micro GOO worked perfectly! Using the Micro GOO as an emulsifying agent effectively streamlined the dosing protocol for our crude and distillate-based edible products. I very highly recommend this product for use in the infused product industry!”

Wendye R. Walter, Director of Research & Development – Bold Team Cultivation

For more information on our turnkey solutions, including our commercial scale production equipment specifically designed for use with µGOO and µSHOT, please contact us at info@embarkhealthinc.com.