Nanoemulsion Precursor Technology

Precursor technology that enables anyone to produce a consistently best-in-class nanoemulsion.

Compatible with a wide range of oil inputs and purities:

  • Oils and crude extracts
  • Vitamins and nutraceuticals
  • Flavor oils
Nanoemulsion Surfactant System and Resulting Nanoemulsion
µGOO (no active ingredient)
Mid-processing with active ingredient added
Post-processing nanoemulsion
Nanoemulsion - Flavored
Nanoemulsion in Water

The nanoemulsion produced using μGOO has indefinite kinetic stability in liquids, and has been stress-tested for pH stability, temperature stability and active ingredient degradation over time.

Creating a Stable and High Performing Nanoemulsion

Water compatible nanoemulsions can be formed from a wide range of composite chemistries and homogenization methods. While it is straightforward to make a basic oil-in-water nanoemulsion, considerably more R&D is required to form a nanoemulsion with stability and performance that will result in an acceptable consumer experience when used in various media and environmental conditions.

Specifically, most published nanoemulsion formulations and manufacturing methods do not provide:

  • sufficiently small particle size < 40nm – most reported nanoemulsions are on the order of 250nm with reduced bioavailability and slow onset time
  • stability at high temperatures as measured by particle size and turbidity of the nanoemulsion
  • stability in low pH mediums such as a citric beverages
  • stability in the presence of dissolved artificial sweeteners – sweeteners are
    normally used as part of a taste masking solution but often promote turbidity in nanoemulsions
  • a proven and effective preservative regimen
  • minimized active ingredient degradation over time – the degradation profile of a nanoemulsion must be more favorable than that of a primitive oil extract to maintain a top tier consumer experience
  • high density loading to accommodate various product SKUs and dosing options
  • optimized throughput on readily available and scalable hardware
  • a straightforward manufacturing method reduced to a simple set of SOPs that does not require specialized training to minimize labor costs and reduce the risk of operator error

Proper formulation development involves many time-dependent trials that cannot be accelerated and require frequent reformulation during the R&D phase when prototype problems are observed. μGOO eliminates the need for costly R&D that carries no guarantee of a quality nanoemulsion formulation.

Nanoemulsions and Miscibility

The ability of different liquids to mix completely into one another is called miscibility. While water-soluble compounds dissolve easily in water and fat-soluble compounds dissolve easily in oils, the two can mix with the help of molecules called emulsifiers.

These molecules are large enough that they can be polar on one end and nonpolar on the other end. One well-known natural emulsifier is egg whites. The large protein molecules that make up the egg white have parts that bind with polar molecules and other parts that bind with nonpolar molecules. This is how adding eggs to cake mix allows oil and water to mix together evenly along with the other ingredients. Fortunately for the nutraceutical beverage industry, more sophisticated methods than egg whites have been developed to help make nonpolar substances miscible with water.

Using Nanoemulsions to Make Oils “Water-Soluble”

Solubility can get quite complicated when it comes to maximizing substance bioavailability, and much work has gone into strategies to enhance bioavailability through manipulation of solubility. The newest and most exciting of these are based on nanoparticles, such as  nanoemulsions, colloidal systems that carry fat-soluble vitamins or fat-soluble substances like CBD. A CBD nanoemulsion can effectively make this highly hydrophobic medicinal compound into a water-soluble one.

While these nanotechniques require years of work and scientific expertise to develop, you can take advantage of them without needing to reinvent the wheel. We have developed a turnkey system that streamlines the integration of these technologies into your products.  Plug-and-play products like µMIX and µSHOT serve as ready-made building blocks that allow you to easily utilize water-soluble CBD. All you need to add are the unique ingredients of your beverage recipe. Our solutions do the rest, freeing you to focus on crafting your own unique CBD-infused product— with the health benefits your customers demand and a flavor and aesthetic profile they will love.

We have partnered with Qsonica, a manufacturer of sonicators used to make nanoemulsions, to provide an all-in-one, turnkey solution for anyone who wants to make a best-in-class nanoemulsion.

Check out the video to see how we’ve taken a complicated chemistry and engineering problem and reduced it to an incredibly easy process.

 Making a Nanoemulsion: a Step-by-Step Video

Focused on developing your own nanoemulsion? We created this video to highlight things that you’ll need to be aware of when going through your R&D process.

 Making a Nanoemulsion: Key Considerations